Parameter Description Example
class Either leave blank or give a descriptor that will be put before the "Spells Known" label in the listing Cleric
detail Additional details (usually CL and save DC info) that will be put in parenthesis after the "Spells Known" label, if provided CL 10
sl0-sl10 Standing for "skill level zero" through "skill level ten", these list the known spells for that level of spell


 |class = Cleric
 |detail = CL 18; save DC 15 plus spell level
 |sl0 = ''detect magic'' (×3), ''light'' (×2), ''resistance''
 |sl1 = ''inflict light wounds''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, ''bless'' (×3), ''bless water'', ''comprehend languages'', ''endure elements'', ''magic weapon''
 |sl2 = ''shatter''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, ''bull's strength'', extended ''doom'', ''lesser restoration'' (×2), extended ''shield of faith'', ''spiritual weapon''
 |sl3 = ''contagion''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, extended ''bull's strength'', ''create food and water'', ''dispel magic'' (×2), ''prayer'' (×2)
 |sl4 = ''inflict critical wounds''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, ''dismissal'', ''divine power'', ''freedom of movement'', ''poison'', ''restoration'', extended ''water breathing'', 
 |sl5 = ''mass inflict light wounds''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, extended ''air walk'', ''flame strike'' (×2), ''plane shift'', ''slay living''
 |sl6 = ''harm''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, ''greater dispel magic'' (×2), ''heal'', ''mass bull's strength''
 |sl7 = ''disintegrate''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, ''holy word'', ''regenerate'' (×2)
 |sl8 = ''earthquake''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, ''antimagic field'', ''fire storm'' (×2)
 |sl9 = ''implosion''<sup>'''D'''</sup>, extended ''greater spell immunity'', ''mass heal''
 |sl10 = ''mummy dust'', ''raise island''

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 18; save DC 15 plus spell level)

Epic — mummy dust, raise island

9th — implosionD, extended greater spell immunity, mass heal

8th — earthquakeD, antimagic field, fire storm (×2)

7th — disintegrateD, holy word, regenerate (×2)

6th — harmD, greater dispel magic (×2), heal, mass bull's strength

5th — mass inflict light woundsD, extended air walk, flame strike (×2), plane shift, slay living

4th — inflict critical woundsD, dismissal, divine power, freedom of movement, poison, restoration, extended water breathing,

3rd — contagionD, extended bull's strength, create food and water, dispel magic (×2), prayer (×2)

2nd — shatterD, bull's strength, extended doom, lesser restoration (×2), extended shield of faith, spiritual weapon

1st — inflict light woundsD, bless (×3), bless water, comprehend languages, endure elements, magic weapon

Cantrips — detect magic (×3), light (×2), resistance

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