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While the d20 System in its various incarnations remains the world's most popular RPG system, creating NPCs - especially high-level NPCs - involves a lot of effort on the part of the game master. The same goes for advanced monsters - monsters with templates applied to them or more hit points than usual. The game master needs to pick skill ranks, feats, ability scores and more, and figure out hit points, skill bonuses, saving throws, and many other things. While none of the math involved in this process is very difficult, there is a lot of it, and it tends to absorb valuable time that would better be spent on other parts of the adventure design process.

This Wiki is intended as a resource for the poor, harried game master and serves as a repository for NPCs and monsters of all kinds. If you are using the NPCs and monsters here, please consider adding some contributions of your own so that the Wiki can continue to grow!

For Other Games, you can go to Game Info. They are working to contain information on every game ever created, especially computer games, but not excluding other genres such as board games, card games, and even sports.

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Collaborative Projects

  • High Priest Project - a project to provide stats for high level NPC Clerics of each major deity in the Core, Forgotten Realms and Eberron campaign settings.
  • Named Listings - Listings of various Types of published NPCs, useful for finding already-published NPCs.
  • Nature Buddies - A repository of standard Druidic Animal Companions, advanced to all sub-epic Druid levels.
  • Published NPC Project - A listing of NPCs from published sources by CR, giving sources and page numbers
  • Sample Dragons - A project to give stats for every true dragon at every age category.

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Anything else related to d20 - adventures, locations, and so on. While the main focus of this Wiki is NPCs and will remain this way, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't add other material - as long as it is useful in some way.

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