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NPCs using rules from the Immortal's Handbook.

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Core Books (320 total pages)

  • Ascension (160 pages): Rules for creating expanding religions, becoming Immortal, effects of worship.
  • Grimoire (96 pages): Epic/Immortal magic spells and items. (Not yet released)
  • Chronicle (64 pages): Advice for running Epic/Immortal Campaigns, Adventures, Organisations, Prestige Classes, Creating Immortal Realms. (Not yet released)

Epic Bestiary (320 total pages)

  • Volume One (96 pages): includes expanded Size Categories and rules for density
  • Volume Two (96 pages): more epic monsters, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (Not yet released)
  • Volume Three (128 pages): includes Version 6.0 of Upper Krust's Challenge Rating system. (Not yet released)

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