Name: Allis Habba, Leader of a feared desert robbers gang
Creature Type: Male Humanoid(Human)
Hit Dice: 10d10+4d8+28(101 hp)
Initiative: +1 (dex)
Speed: 20 ft. (30 ft. base)
Armor Class: 28 (touch:13 ;flat footed:27)
Base Attack/Grapple: +14/+19
Attack: Lance +21 melee (1d8+6[20/x3])
Lance Charge: +23 (incl.+2 for charging) melee (4d8+24+2d6[20/+2d8+12])
Full Attack: Lance +21/+16/+11 melee (1d8+6[20/x3])
Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Charging see above.
Special Qualities: Favoured enemey (humans), wild empathy, Ashworm mount, saddle and ride bonus (+6), relentless shield, stamp into the sand, sandrider, wild plains offensive
Saves: Fort. +18, Ref. +8, Will +6
Abilities: Str 18(20), Dex 10(12), Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
Skills: Ride: +20(+26), Handle Animal: +17(+23), Survival: +17, Intimidate+12, Spot: +13, Diplomacy +7
Feats: Track(B), Mounted Combat, Ryde-by-Attack, Trample, Spirited Charge, Saddleback, Expertise, Improved Trip, Shield Specialisation, Weapon Focus (lance), powerful charge (+2d6)
Environment: Desert
Organization: Allis Habba's raiders
Challenge Rating: 14
Treasure: belt of strength+2, cloak of resistance+2, +2 cool fullplate, +2 large steel shield, +1 valorous heavy lance, ring of deflection +2, vest of natural armour +1, gloves of dex+2, mw. longsword, 4225 gp
Alignment: LE
Languages: Common, Elven, Giant
Level Adjustment: +0

In-Game description
Saddled upon a giant ashworm is a fullplate armoured guy. After his troops have surrounded you he demands all your possessions.
Detailed description

Combat tactics
The strategy of Allis Habba is simple, charge an opponent and flatten him with trample and special abilities. On this charge his lance will do also enormous damage and his ashworm (see below) can make a sting attack. He will then retreat to the cover of his sand giant (MMIII) companions, and charge again the next round.
Special qualities/attacks descriptions.
Relentless shield: may always make a ride check to replace the mounts ac.
Sand Rider: Stay on worm in loose soil
Wildplains offensive: full attack after single move

Name: Allis Habba's mount
Creature Type: Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 13d10+52(124 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 40ft., burrow 40 ft., climb 15 ft.
Armor Class: 26 (touch:9 ;flat footed:26)
Base Attack/Grapple: +13/+25
Attack: Sting +21 melee (1d6+12 and poison)
Full Attack: Sting +21 melee (1d6+12 and poison)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./ 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Heightened Sting
Special Qualities: Evasive Driver, tremorsense 60ft., wild plains swiftness (included)
Saves: Fort. +12, Ref. +10, Will +7
Abilities: Str 26, Dex 10, Con 17(18), Int 1, Wis 13, Cha 6
Skills: Climb: +16, Spot: +8, Listen: +11
Feats: Alertness, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Weapon Focus (sting)
Environment: Desert
Organization: Allis Habba's raiders
Challenge Rating: -
Treasure: exotic military saddle of con +1
Alignment: N
Special qualities/attacks descriptions.
Poison: DC14, 2d6 Str/2d6 Str
Heightened Sting: 1/r. when attacking with sting +2 to hit and poison DC21
Evasive driver: evasion on loose soil

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